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Therapy in general and EMDR specifically


Psychotherapy has benefits and risks. Risks may include uncomfortable feelings like sadness or loneliness. You may recall feelings like fear or anger as you recall parts of your personal story. 


Still, psychotherapy has been shown to have significant benefits such as reducing feelings of distress, improved relationships and quality of life and the resolution of specific problems. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a proven psychotherapy treatment designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. Using detailed protocols and procedures, I will help you activate your brain's natural ability to heal and process information and experience. Emotional wounds are not just closed or coped with, they are transformed into empowering life experiences resulting in feelings of safety, value, and competence.


In EMDR therapy we focus on healing memories, beliefs, body sensations and emotions from past experiences as well as current triggers. We also create a template so you can fully integrate future events successfully.

My Rates and Insurance

The fee for in-office psychotherapy services is $170 per 50 minute session. Payment is due at the conclusion of each visit. Cash, check, and credit or debit cards are all acceptable methods of payment.

I do not take insurance, however, you may have out-of-network benefits that allow you to be reimbursed a certain percentage of the costs you incur for therapy. I am happy to provide you with paperwork that you can submit to your insurance company. Whether or not you are reimbursed is strictly between you and your insurance company. 

Missed or Forgotten Appointments

Our scheduled appointment is a commitment by both of us -- a commitment to spend a period of time working together. I do not schedule any other appointments during this time as you have actually purchased the time. Therefore, unless you cancel an appointment twenty-four (24) hours in advance, you will be charged the regular $170 fee for the session. Insurance companies do not reimburse a missed appointment fee. 


Trauma, Adoption/Attachment


Trauma, Anxiety, Relationship Concerns, Grief


Infidelity, Communication, Relationship Concerns

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